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Shop vintage. I love this look. Once again, a proper vintage combination. Now, socks and sandals may not be for everyone but it’s definitely for the fashion risk taker or for someone who is open minded, I find myself doing this more than often and even in the summertime – vtg yellow cotton dress coördinated with, Gucci sunglasses (featuring white rim), Fendi safari Selleria bag, black woven leather Irregular Choice wedges (minus the happy face of course), beaded necklace, large 14k yg blue sapphire/diamond ring, 14k Marconi bracelet – For more go here


Mix and match. A diverse collection of jewelry compliments any outfit/look. Whether you choose one chunky cuff, multiple large size rings, or a combination of stackers. With the cost of gold lately there couldn’t be a better time to check out some unique sterling pieces –make a statement with jewelry –  as shown above a mix of designer, geometric, turquoise, and random sterling rings – For more here

Simplicity with a fashionable twist. I adore this beaded top, beads are such a nice way to add fun to an outfit – one of my favs for the summer season – Olive beaded sheer net/cotton random top, yellow florescent crop zippered pants-by Mango, Jeffrey Campbell brown leather open toe hidden gladiator wedges, 18k with 11 dial diamond leather band Fendi watch, gold citrine diamond ring, black leather Dior handbag – For more go here

Antique/vintage cameos are some of the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen – the detail and quality is impeccable. They generally feature portraits of people or nature scenes – most of which are craved from shell. Cameos can come in the form of a pin, necklace, brooch, ring, or bracelet and have been in existence since ancient times; sometimes craved from agate, dated back many centuries ago – For more go here

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