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Basic black stripe dress with red bottom, black cardi with white trim, black tights, leather BCBG heels, Chanel leather caviar bag, sterling bracelets (some with malachite, carnelian, and onyx), large malachite sterling ring, onyx sterling ring, 14k gold trimmed brown gemstone ring


Embroidered Embroidered ster jewelrysterling jewelry Embroidered DSC09320 vtg jewelry ster jewelry Embroidered ster jewlery Embroidered DSC09315 minnetonka Free People embroidered dress, minnetonka suede boots, ASOS grey cardi

and vintage/modern sterling jewelry

Juust chillin'vtg jewelry Juust chillin'ster crossJuust chillin'vtg jewelryJuust chillin'gold/ster ringsJuust chillin'fendivtg jewelryJuust chillin'leather studded boots I enjoy the weather this time of year – longing for more snow

UO faux fur jacket, black leggings, ASH leather studded boots, tan pocketed top, Fendi Zucca bag, onyx modernistic sterling cuff, other sterling rings, necklaces, charms, cuffs, and bracelets

Delightful home accents Delightful home accentsDelightful home accents Delightful home accents Delightful home accents Delightful home accents Delightful home accents Delightful home accentsI guess I like to dress my home as I dress myself by adding many colors, floras, patterns, and abstracts. These delightful home accents were found in various shops/stores which really brings a neat vibrancy to the room. I enjoy decorating a room with random trinkets such as plants, baskets, candies, and colorful jars to add a bit of personality to a space – small details counts the most in my opinion. Another favorite thing I like to do is fill glass jars with peppermints, butterscotch, or any hard colorful candy and place the jar on white wooden shelves/stands. If you are concerned that the candy will melt, you can fill the jars with faux candies or colored marbles found in various arts and craft stores. Stay tuned for more of my personal favorite home decor ideas

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