Necklace layering – make it easy

Necklace layering

Necklace layering I love layering jewelry as you probably have noticed by reading this blog, layering jewelry depends on the concept or style you want – normally for me it’s boho. You can layer just about all types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Start out by choosing the metal, you can use either bronze, gold, or silver (or mix all three for a lovely rustic-Bohemia vibe), then choose as many necklaces you want to layer – (I like to layer at least 3-4 different lengths), add your choice of simple charms to start the building process. I like to incorporate subtle charms such as hearts, modernist charms, crosses, and stars. At this point you would want to continuing adding more unique delicate pieces to each necklace until you have that defined look you want. I find layered necklaces works great with a bold color basic v-neck tee or graphic tops

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