Fringed – Minnetonka

Fringed - Minnetonka Fringed - Minnetonka Fringed - MinnetonkaFringed - MinnetonkaA great pair of boots are just as important to me as clothing. There are so many of different styles ranging from heel, flat, over the knee, ankle, pointed toe, and round toe not to mention all the different colors/material options. I find that a simple boot is the most versatile. I purchased these Minnetonkas fringed boots last year from UO for like $60 a piece and they are still in nearly perfect condition after wearing them constantly as I do with all my Minnetonkas. Minnetonkas are well made boots which have been around for a along time. I find myself buying them in just about every color and design. I adore the rugged country vibe look and how they help me accomplish the urban or trendy look i want . . . how they give a boho theme to skirts . .  and how they add a down to earth feel to more delicate pieces. I wear them with just about any and everything to include maxis, cords, and dresses. These boots will def be my staple boot again this year

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  1. Oh how I want a pair of these. So. Much. I unfortunately don’t have an UO near me so I’d probably have to order them online. I saw a short pair at Marshalls once so maybe they will have them again? Fingers crossed.

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