My top oils for healthy hair

My top oils for healthy hair

My top oils for healthy hair for all hair types

I had to get smart on how to take care of my hair and this happened just a few years ago. Growing up I really didn’t care much about healthy hair . . . most of the time my hair was done by salons, random friends, or braided. I finally (after getting tired of my hair constantly breaking off/not being as healthy as it should) got interested in healthy hair care. After buying so many brand named products – that didn’t work, I came to the realization that the most simplest/cheapest products worked best. Sometimes the best products are actually VERY simple and can be found in your local grocery store. I couldn’t believe when I learned that most African American women use natural oils such as olive, coconut, and avocado oils in their hair . . . as our hair is prone to breakage/dryness easily and these oils help with that. My hair is relaxed/permed and I can testify that natural oils work wonders on hair. They have worked miracles for my hair in only a short period of time. These oils have made my hair softer, shinier, stronger, and easier to manage. A lot of this information I had to learn on my own and a lot came from reading, time, and patience. I can talk all day about these oils and how they promote healthy hair, but I won’t bore you – let’s get to it

My top oils for healthy hairAvocado Oil

Avocado oil is great for natural and permed-relaxed hair, loaded with nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E. Excellent for moisturizing, deep conditioning, improving hair strength, strengthening hair, and boosting shine

My top oils for healthy hairOlive Oil (EVOO)

Olive oil is amazing, not only for cooking but believe it or not – hair and skin as well. Olive oil is great for moisturizing, deep conditioning, improving hair strength, eliminating dandruff, and also has powerful antioxidants that can help fight hair loss or bald spot

My top oils for healthy hairSweet Almond Oil

Not only do I enjoy the smell of this oil but sweet almond oil works great to seal in the conditioner after a good hair wash. Also know as locking in the moisture and preventing drying. This oil nourishes hair, smooths hair cuticles to control shedding, promotes hair growth and thickness, prevents hair loss, and boosts shine

My top oils for healthy hairCoconut Oil

I was so surprise as I thought maybe Coconut had a coconut smell, it don’t – very odorless. Coconut oil is great for preventing dandruff, promoting hair growth, moisturizing, strengthening hair, thickening hair, and preventing damage. This means hair is less likely to break and less likely to get damaged from combing and even heat styling. If you have dry or damaged hair as I did you should consider stocking up on coconut oil, it’s really good

My top oils for healthy hair Grapeseed oil

Odorless and protects against moisture loss.  Grapeseed oil contains a high amount of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Research has demonstrated that when applied to the skin, this fatty acid can help combat dryness by providing protection against moisture loss (Source).  This may be good news for a dry scalp

My top oils for healthy hairOnce you have all your ingredients, I like to pour these oils in an applicator for easy use over my scalp. Please note: I really don’t have a particular measurement for these oils, but I guess I would use about 3 table spoon or so of each

My top oils for healthy hairOnce all the oils are poured into the applicator bottle shake it really well – shake – shake – shake. You will then notice the oils mix really well together

My top oils for healthy hairThen get three cups of hot water (or just enough that will come up to the line where the oil stops) – let sit in the sauce pan so that the oils melts into one another. You will notice the chunks of coconut oil melts so nicely with the other oils

My top oils for healthy hairAnd there you have it, the color will look clear, healthy, and a light greenish color. I hope you will try this, I think this mixture makes hair look and feel awesome – Enjoy

  1. I’m definitely trying this one! After years of straightening, my hair is not what it used to be….and no amount of leave-in/deep conditioner has worked yet!

  2. I’ve been using Coconut oil and olive oil for the past couple of years. My hair has grown from shoulder length to mid back length. I love using oils. I have to try the grapeseed oil.

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