Sterling silver jewelry: Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hi everybody! First off I would like to start out by saying thanks to those who have supported my blogs from day one… I’m doing this for you. There’s a lot that goes into blogging and posting pictures each and everyday, it can be time consuming and sometimes stressful but you all make it fun for me. Since I really enjoy jewelry (like who doesn’t) I supposed I would do a jewelry give giveaway ..somewhat of a Boho-like theme with a value of about $350. Each piece has it’s own unique characteristic about them and you may have seen me wear these pieces once or twice on my blog. These pieces are quite ideal and can be paired with any look or style. The jewelry I will be giving away all have hallmarks engraved with either the designer’s name and or .925 which authenticate sterling silver. This is a ONE winner giveaway, meaning only one person will receive this showcase, so lucky you. There will be many more giveaways so don’t worry (hopefully one each month), just keep following/sharing my blogs

	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry	 Giveaway: Sterling jewelry

TO ENTER: It’s really simple.

Just share my blog(s) with friends and family

here, here, or here, like it on social media

follow my daily posts, that’s all

This giveaway consist of: (A long Gothic-like sterling silver ring, Sterling silver earrings with multi-faceted gemstones, Silver gemstone hook earrings, Sterling silver Charoite craved ring, Large sterling silver modernist ring, A lovely stack of bracelets – great for that boho vibe you love so much, Geometric modernistic sterling silver ring, and a sterling silver pendant centered with a small amber stone)

You must leave a comment stating why we should pick you and most importantly if you are a blogger, please attach the link of your blog along with your comment (this will also help us choose the lucky winner). If you’ve already liked or followed this contest, great! Just leave a comment saying so. The winner will be contacted a week from today !So good luck guys

  1. Would love to win so I could wear and review on my site fab blog!!! xx

  2. Would love to win so I could wear and review on my site fab blog!!! xx

  3. TheGirl said:

    The jewelry is nice, and I love blog giveaways and spreading the word about them. So I shared it on my blog.

    • Hello, you won this give away. We attempted to contact you thru your email (maybe the message went to your spam inbox). Please let us know if you are still interested so you can claim your prize. Thank you. Inspiration MYCreation

      • May I have your email? It didn’t show up on my inbox reporterandthegirl at gmail dot com

    • Hello, you won this give away. We attempted to contact you thru your email (maybe the message went to your spam inbox). Please let us know if you are still interested so you can claim your prize. Thank you. Inspiration MYCreation

      • Oh wow!! I won??

    • Hi there, we sent an email message to you @ your gmail requesting an address for your jewelry to be sent. Please get back to us when you can. -Inspiration MYCreation

      • Thanks, I’ll get on it!

      • Did you get my reply?

  4. Ann Waters said:

    I shared on twitter, facebook, tumbler and google +

  5. Carla Bosch said:

    Hi! I’d love a chance to win, is the giveaway open internationally? Thanks! 🙂

  6. C Culp said:

    Oh my goodness would I love to win this…and you are right who doesn’t like jewelry! Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. I am in love with this jewelry!!! Thanks for the chance to win. Love your site!

  8. Sonja said:

    Oh wow I love the earrings!!

  9. You should choose me because I am a jewelry fanatic. I have loved jewelry since I was an infant and often sat beside my aunt and uncle as they crafted beautiful designer pieces. My aunt was struck with a disease that took away the use of her limbs and my uncle devoted the remainder of his life to caring for her, so their jewelry design business was cut short by disease, but the love of beautiful jewelry was instilled in my heart and soul. I have two blogs where I could showcase the pieces I win: and michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

  10. Reblogged this on Celia Ladygarden's lifestyle for ladies and commented:
    My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I advise you to read and follow this blog. There are all sorts of interesting articles, something for every one. Take a look at today’s stunning jewelry, I am especially attracted to the bracelet, perfect for a ladylike arm.

  11. My dear I have reblogged your blog on my ‘bliss’ my preferred name for my blog. I am sure my dear ladies and occasional gentleman readers will enjoy reading all the interesting articles.

    The jewelry is beautiful, I am especially attracted to the bracelet which is perfect for a ladylike arm. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your competition.

    Yours Excitedly

    Celia Ladygarden

  12. I love this collection, I would love to win because I try to support small designers because they need it and they usually have more unique items which I love. I would also be generous and share the bounty with friends and family around me, I love showing off and telling other were I find my one of a kind items.
    my blog:
    I also shared on facebook, pinterest and sent a personal email to all my friends who like jewelry.

  13. Lourie Staib said:

    These jewelry pieces are so original & beautiful. I would love to win anything & I’m a big supporter of small designers.
    I believe that they come up with the most original designs. They are truly works of art.

  14. Barbara S said:

    am new to your site, finding you on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!; shared on fb and twitter. Your jewelry is great, would love to own any piece.

  15. Now following — very very cool pieces — do you also sell somewhere? If I am not fortunate enough to win here I’m wondering if you’d consider sending me either a batch of the Walnut Sugar Cookies … or … a cream cheese spinach bite? (from your DIY page)
    Lots of interesting things here — glad I saw TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman’s repost of your post

  16. Brenda H said:

    what a wonderful giveaway!

  17. What a cool and unique collection, the stack of bracelets catches my eye in particular! I think I should win because I’ve just moved into my first home with my lovely boyfriend, and spending money on pretty things is the first thing to go (according to him, food an electricity are more important – pah!) At least if I can’t buy new clothes, I could jazz them up with these beautiful pieces and not feel like such a frugal frump 🙂

  18. I’d like to win because I like what I see!
    I’m following you on WordPress: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Blogger: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Tumblr: blackasphodel

  19. Wow, amazing prize pack! The jewelry is gorgeous, glad to have discovered it through BlackAsphodel’s Google+ share. I added it to the Giveaway Linky on my art blog. I look forward to exploring yours. 😀

  20. Love your blog and your jewellery. Not entering the giveaway though as am in the UK!

  21. Carlyc said:

    What beautiful works of art. Love the purple stone ring, but then I love everything that I see here. Thank you for chance to win!

  22. We left a comment on your Blogger account, but wanted to let you know ( twice is better ) that we love your blog and commend you on this FABULOUS giveaway! Seriously, this one is a winner! We’d love to be considered as recipient of this incredibly generous giveaway for a number of reasons…jewelry has always had a way to uplifting one’s spirit, soul and vibration. Appreciate the ability jewelry has to speak without saying word, especially the sterling silver pieces stamped 925 for their pure metal quality, divine! Dealing with sensitive skin is not fun, but knowing that these beautiful pieces are all sterling would make accessorizing a lot more comfortable. We’d be honored to highlight these pieces in a photo montage on our blog if you we’re to choose us! Looking forward with fingers crossed and gonna say a little prayer while we’re at it, hey, it couldn’t hurt! xx

  23. Winnow said:

    We’re sorry to have missed this! We’d love to network on your next one via our blog at Winnow NYC – . Beautiful pieces! Our work might be something you’re interested in as well…

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