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Get personal Within the past year or so my personal style has definitely been all over the place a bit. As I get older I get smarter. I think the majority can say the same. There are things in my jewelry box I probably would have never purchased three years ago. As I inventory some of the new pieces I’ve added, I end up happy and proud of these lovely gems. Vintage, modernist, designer, some inexpensive, and expensive jewelry items have definitely filled up my jewelry box as of late

Stand out Stand out Stand out Stand out Stand outAdding a pop of color or glitter to my outfit is something I truly love. Rather it be rustic, a shiny sterling piece, turquoise, or a sparkling crystal. Incorporating unique accessories can be exotic, simple, and exciting. Let your jewelry tell your personality

ForteForteForte Forte Forte ForteI think my forte is picking really cool looking jewelry with adoring characteristics. I mean.. I love when I find a unique piece and actually I often consider myself lucky to find these pieces ..rather it be to spot a nice piece somewhere online such as other jewelry blogs and posting them here or when out searching for piece for my collection .. what’s your fashion forte

	 Malachite 	 MalachiteMalachite is that stone I just can’t get enough of. I’m endlessly inspired of the succulent green shine. I can see myself pairing this beauty with something black. I love styling necklaces as stacks. I’ll go for a more statement necklace then layer it with thinner simpler ones

Spiraled out of control I love tight fitted cuff necklaces. They’re so perfect for the fall or even all year long for that matter There’s something about wearing necklaces close to the neck that immediately gives you that Gothic look with a touch of grunge-chic

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